Behind the Escapism: Creating the perfect tropical backdrop for Guava & Gold

Behind the scenes Guava and Gold Photoshoot  Guava and Gold Video Sjoot  


Golden sands, deep blue oceans and tropical heat created the perfect environment for shooting Guava & Gold’s first ever promotional video. A stunning beach backdrop was the ideal location to bring to life our luxury bath and body collection that has so many talking. Just perfect for our focus on bringing you the experience of a sun-soaked vacation all in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Making a promotional video marks a new exciting chapter for Guava & Gold. The passion and excitement in re-creating a perfect tropical paradise for you spilled into the production of this video and a full glam squad were there to lend a helping hand to embody this vision. With amazing help from our model Amber, @amburberry, we’ve been able to bring the Guava & Gold inspiration to the screen for the first time.

Managing the photoshoot

We spoke to Amber about her experience – and of course we wanted to share her thoughts about the day! She was thrilled to have the opportunity to try a few of the products that Guava & Gold are offering on set and was delighted to tell us ‘the day was great – the experience with the product on location was lovely’, saying ‘the product smells great, feels luxurious and feminine.’

The distinctive aroma of tropical fruits and flowers transport you to a sun-filled paradise!

The bright vibrant colours of the video and the tropics are echoed through Guava & Gold’s bath and body collections – taking you on a sensory journey and also offering the benefits of looking and feeling great too!