Bringing Paradise Home

As travel corridors begin to open up, we’re thinking here at Guava & Gold about where our first trip will be to. Are you doing the same? Or have you already booked? If so, what benefits are you hoping to get out of a holiday?
See family and friends
So many people have family and friends living away from them. This is maybe our number 1 wish at the moment - the opportunity to see and hug people we’ve been parted from, rebuild some personal connections, create some new memories and enjoy the company of people we love.
A change of scenery
Maybe you are just yearning to be somewhere different: a luxurious wellness treat or a chic, urban hotel, a dramatic mountain landscape with fresh air and beautiful walks, at a club taking up a new sport or lying on a warm beach with stunning sunsets and cocktails at the end of the day.
Reduce stress
Taking a holiday can help our health, prevent burnout and improve our creativity and confidence, giving us a renewed sense of self and the chance to re-charge. How we benefit from wellness and self-care differs for all of us. But there are several key areas of our lifestyles which contribute to our overall wellness and holidays may well be one of those together with socialising, exercise, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness.
New inspiration
Who knows what brainwave or creativity might come from exploring a new place, discovering a new experience or trying out a new hobby. All our inspiration for Guava & Gold came from the colour, vibrancy and fun of stunning tropical holiday locations. Reflecting sun-filled holiday memories through the charisma, sparkle and sheer joy of exclusive, fine phthalate-free fragrances with natural oils and kind-to-skin ingredients in our bath products is at the heart of what we do.

Glow Up
Maybe you just want to come home glowing. In our Paradise Found Shimmering Body Oil, we used 4 natural oils to maximise moisturising and anti-ageing skin benefits. There’s macadamia oil with its antioxidants, high vitamin E content and perfect balance of fatty acids, which all help to lock in moisture; softening and strengthening sweet almond oil, rich in vitamin B-7; calming, hydrating avocado oil; and all the benefits of coconut oil to keep your skin soft and youthful. These are all blended with Guava & Gold’s signature fragrance, Paradise Found, and delicately glistening golden sparkles to nourish and brighten your skin, leaving it silky smooth and smelling divine. If you’re looking to switch up your skincare regime as summer approaches, why not try changing things up with our Body Oil?
Bringing Paradise Home
Celebrating the beauty and benefits of the natural world around us has been the guiding philosophy of our creative process for our bath and body collection. If you’re looking to create your own paradise in the bathroom at home or for the perfect gift for someone you love, discover more about our collection here.