Celebrating the best in British Made

We are so proud and thrilled to announce that Guava & Gold has been shortlisted in the Journal Magazine 2021awards sponsored by the members-only platform, Mór. Over 600 brands were nominated and Guava & Gold is one of the finalists in the British Made category.
Presenting the best in independent business, the awards are designed to showcase small and unique brands and business owners to their readers and beyond. 
After a difficult couple of years with unprecedented challenges served up by the Covid-19 pandemic, Journal Magazine says now is the time to give back and celebrate the businesses which are thriving. Consumers are more discerning with how they spend their money and want to know that the experiences they purchase are sustainable, local, fair and suitable for all. People want to know that the money they contribute is helping the business owner, their families and chosen charities as opposed to funding large conglomerates. The Journal Awards will highlight the best in these brands.  
Explaining why Guava & Gold has been nominated as one of the finalists, Journal Magazine says:
“Inspired by ingredients and botanicals from far flung locations, this is skincare with a taste of the exotic. Always ethically sourced and leaving you feeling like you have been on a relaxing Bahamian retreat without leaving your bathroom.”
There’s an amazing promotional content prize for an independent brand to win including a dedicated multi-channel feature across Journal Magazine and its social channels, and we’d love every bit of support we can be given. If you'd like to vote for us in the British Made category, you can do it here: Vote here