Finding The Exquisite In London

We’re delighted that Guava & Gold is now available at

Purveyors of the remarkable and the sublime, Brummells of London journey to the far corners of the globe to discover premium grooming and beauty products made from the finest ingredients painstakingly sourced, put together with great passion or shaped by new-age innovation. As they travel the world, Brummells of London are always on the look-out for products with integrity which deliver on their promises, tell a story and surprise you every time.

Guava & Gold at Brummels


So Guava & Gold’s elegant collection of luxury bath and body products inspired by faraway tropical destinations makes a perfect fit with Brummells of London. Evoking memories of exotic fruits, beautiful flowers, vibrant colours and the warmth and sunshine of your favourite beach holiday ever, could an explorer bring anything more exquisite than Guava & Gold to your home?