Guava & Gold in conversation with myza

Our founder, Clare, recently caught up with the wonderful, the online marketplace with a unique focus on sleep and the sleep experience who love indulgent skin and body care, to talk about why she started Guava & Gold and what makes our beauty products so special. 


Myza had loads of questions about the holiday getaway inspiration behind Guava & Gold, how the unique, uplifting perfumes in our luxurious shampoos and shower gels can boost your pampering self-care regime and how Guava & Gold is a proud Great British Brand 2020 planning for the future with optimism.  

Holidays may be on hold for now but we can still travel in our imagination -  fragrance can evoke memories of place we love - and escapism is what Guava & Gold is all about!

Read Clare's conversation with myza here to find out much more, including the very hardest question of all!

"Which is your favourite product and why?"