How do I get perfect hair?

Who hasn't looked in a mirror and asked this question? We’d all like silky, healthy looking hair every day but, let’s face it, most of us struggle at least some of the time don’t we? And even more when the hairdressers have been shut for months. Here’s some tips from us which work on all hair types so you can keep your hair looking fresh and feeling strong all day long.
Start massaging your scalp

Who doesn’t love a good massage? If you want stronger, healthier hair, start giving your scalp a relaxing massage. It helps the blood flow to your scalp which can have a positive effect on hair growth and strength. Help nurture your hair and add natural shine by massaging our Coral Beach shampoo into your scalp. With ingredients such as nourishing avocado and manuka oils and natural grapefruit peel, lemon peel, cedar wood and ylang-ylang oil extracts in the fragrance, your hair will be looking healthier and feeling stronger in no time.
Hair-loving ingredients
A good shampoo should be rich in hair-loving ingredients such as natural oils, fruit extracts and vitamins whereas mass-produced shampoos can often contain harsh chemicals without the kind-to-hair benefits of natural, healthy oils. If you are looking to target specific haircare concerns such as gaining volume or repairing damage, it’s worth thinking about investing in a shampoo with active ingredients which work behind the scenes to keep your hair healthy and nourished.
Think about how often you wash your hair

Washing your hair everyday isn’t the right thing for everyone. For some of us, washing our hair too much can throw off our scalp's microbiome (good bacteria that help keep your hair strong and healthy). If your hair seems brittle and lifeless, it might be a victim of over-washing. Why not try our bestselling duo, our highly commended Coco & Cherimoya Shampoo and Conditioner which combine warm notes of tropical coconut and peachy cherimoya to keep your hair smelling amazing and feeling unbelievably fresh until the next time you wash it.
Use a Wide Toothed Comb on Wet Hair

Using your favourite hairbrush on wet hair can cause more damage than good because hair breaks more easily when it’s wet. Try using a wide-tooth comb when de-tangling damp or wet hair but also make sure to be as gentle as possible.

Correct Conditioner Application

Conditioner can make our hair glossy and strong but many of us aren’t putting it on the right way. Think about where our hair gets greasiest first – normally at the roots. Leaving out your roots and only applying conditioner from midway to the ends of your hair can make a difference. Our Paradise Found Conditioner will leave your hair smelling gorgeously of the seductive scents of mandarin, freesia and pear blossom whilst conditioning at the same time and just a little bit goes a long way. 
Use a hair mask

A hair mask is a highly nourishing treatment aimed at repairing and restoring hair health. Each one is different so have a look at the instructions but think about using one maybe once a week and leave it on for slightly longer than your conditioner to complement the regular conditioning treatment you give your hair.

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases aren’t just great for your skin but also your hair. Friction is often to blame when it comes to split ends and silk pillowcases can reduce friction, giving you hair which is sleeker and smoother as well as being heavenly to sleep on. So a silk pillowcase could be a great investment for an easy way to maintain beautiful hair. What’s not to love?