Guava and Gold in Frost Magazine!

Woke up to this amazing piece by Mary Cooper about our Coco & Cherimoya Bath & Shower Gel in Frost magazine today! Mary has captured perfectly everything we wanted to create and the memories we set out to evoke when we designed this bath & Shower Gel. Thank you so much, Mary - we hope you keep enjoying it!

“Last week I went for a walk. Halfway through it started to spot with rain, by the end it was bouncing off the paths. We splashed through streams, jumped over newly forming rivers and tried not to slip on the carpet of sodden leaves. With my unsuitable trainers acting as sponges, I couldn’t have been wetter or colder. When I got home I went straight up to run a bath. Shivering, I peeled off my sodden clothes then reached for the tall, slim bottle of my new coco and cherimoya bath and shower gel by Guava & Gold. I poured a generous amount under the running tap then sank slowly into the luxuriously scented water. Closing my eyes I was instantly transported to sunnier climes; the delicate aroma of coconut with undertones of cherimoya and bergamot assailed my senses as the cold wet walk became a distant memory.”