Summer Skin Rituals

A huge welcome from us to Denise O Rabor, leading beauty expert, wellbeing advocate and owner of The DOR Beauty Edit, who has taken over the Guava & Gold blog to give us her advice on summer skin rituals. With a lifelong passion for beauty and wellbeing products and a glittering career as an international makeup artist, getting to share in Denise's beauty and wellbeing thoughts and choices is a not to be missed treat and we're thrilled you get to read them too. Thank you Denise!

Mmmm summer! 

A time of warm sun, blue skies, sultry humid evenings….. depending on where you are of course!

 We want our skin to look its best all year round but somehow summertime is when it really comes into its own; the time when all our exfoliating, moisturising and nourishing treatments really show their benefits!


The skin on our body deserves the same amount of consideration that we give to our complexion, so it’s important to choose body cleansers that contain skin nurturing ingredients which don’t strip the skin of its natural oils.  This is even more important in the summer when the weather can be quite hot and humid, and you may be showering twice a day. The Coco and Cherimoya Bath and Shower Gel is both paraben and phthalate free, thus gentle and delicate to use on the skin. Combing tropical coconut, bergamot vanilla orchid and tonka bean, we love how this divine scent gently lingers on the skin after use. An exotic holiday in a bottle. 



As you know, regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells, so that moisturisers can work their magic more effectively. But it also helps to smooth bumps and rough dry skin, (dead cells can make skin look dry and dull) boost circulation, increase skin cell turnover and reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs on the body.  So don’t skip this crucial step - in fact if you’ve ever felt that your moisturiser wasn’t working effectively try exfoliating once a week and you should notice a difference.

Moisturise and nourish 

If there’s one thing that’s really crucial for summer skin, then it’s moisturising. There are numerous benefits to this simple skincare step:

  • A good body lotion works to lock in moisture, which is why it’s really effective when applied to damp skin after a bath or shower. Plus when used consistently, lotions, creams and oils help to maintain the overall condition of your skin, thus keeping it supple.
  • Using a body lotion after bathing can also help to protect your natural skin barrier which in turn supports skin health.
  • Ingredients matter so look for lotions with nourishing butters and oils as part of their ingredients e.g. Shea butter. This deeply nourishing, vitamin rich butter contains high levels of fatty acids to replenish the skin. It also provides anti-inflammatory and healing properties.


The Guava & Gold Coral Beach Body Lotion harnesses skin nourishing ingredients including avocado, grapeseed oils, shea butter and guava fruit extract. Your one stop shop for healthy, hydrated skin.


Who doesn’t like a bit of shimmer? You can never really go wrong with gorgeous shimmer oil or cream during the summer. Not only will it highlight your skin, but it will also add extra nourishment and moisture. I like to think of the Guava & Gold Paradise Found Shimmering Body Oil as a vacation in a box thanks to its gorgeous fragrance plus it’s made with seriously skin loving oils like macadamia, avocado and coconut.


Remember that whatever you do now, will also benefit your skin long after summer is over; the effects of consistent skincare are cumulative.


Last but not least, don’t forget to use an SPF every single day – it’s one of the best ways to protect your skin's appearance and health at any age. If you’re not great at applying Sunscreen on a regular basis, try incorporating products into your skincare regime which already contain some level of protection. I love that Coral Beach Body Lotion also contains SPF15.


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