The Global Green Beauty Awards 2020

The Global Green Beauty Awards reflect how consumers are looking for eco-friendly beauty brands which share their desire for greener, cleaner and more natural beauty products. The Awards look globally to celebrate the best of beauty brands and as they say in the The Global Makeup Magazine 
“The shift towards green and clean beauty has slowly been growing in momentum over the years. With the coronavirus pandemic which has taken hold over the last few months, it seems that people are ever more conscious of the planet, and our impact upon its ecology.
It seems as if nature is sending us a message, and that we need to emerge from this crisis greener, cleaner and more aware of our impact upon the planet.
Forward looking beauty brands have already been paving the way with eco friendly beauty products. People are more aware about what they put on their skin, and if there are harmful chemicals in the products. They also want to make sure the products are not damaging the planet, and are searching for zero waste solutions which are cruelty free.
The Global Green Beauty Awards 2020 aims to celebrate and recognise those beauty brands which are taking action and moving towards a more eco friendly approach to beauty.”

Products are judged on product efficacy and, with a large number of entries into the Global Green Beauty Awards, competition is fierce amongst smaller indie companies and more well-known beauty brands.
So, at Guava & Gold, we’re thrilled to announce our Paradise Found Body Lotion has won a silver award in the ‘Best Shea Butter Product’ category. With high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins, shea butter is a great moisturising and softening ingredient and it also has anti-inflammatory and healing benefits.
As a new, independent luxury bath and body collection, it means so much to our team to win this recognition.
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