The Magic of Fragrance

At Guava & Gold, I have a cardboard box which contains the very beginning and essence of the brand.
It is the original box of samples given to me by the international fine fragrance house which created the unique perfumes around which the Guava & Gold products are based. Drawing on over a century of experience and know-how in fragrance creation, immensely talented perfumers use their imagination and emotions to mix precious essential oils, exceptional ingredients and outstanding technology to transform the ideas of artists and innovators into exclusive, fine fragrances and to give shape to scents to fulfil our ever-evolving needs and desires.  Their inspiration leads them to design visionary perfumes, which are intended to become tomorrow’s classics.
And, here at Guava & Gold, I turned to that expertise at the very beginning of the brand’s journey to transform my vision of an elegant, capsule collection of products all influenced by exquisite scents reminiscent of a sun-drenched tropical island into reality.
Because what is the magic of fragrance? For many of us, it is its astonishing ability to conjure up the memory of a moment in time, a place or a person whenever you smell it. I have a perfume chosen specially for my wedding day and therein lies its power.
For Guava & Gold, my aim was to create luxury bath and body products which reflect the colour, vibrancy and fun of the best tropical beach holiday ever and, to do that, the charisma, sparkle and sheer joy of exclusive, fine fragrances were essential to the collection from the outset. The distinctive scents of fruits and flowers, including delicious guava and cherimoya, fragrant pink magnolia, white floral facets of tuberose, sweet vanilla orchid and enchanting orange and plum blossom were expertly blended to bring that idea to life.
Natural extracts include ylang-ylang oil, lemon peel oil and pink peppercorn extract.
Those ideas started out as the samples in that original box, the beginning of the Guava & Gold journey, and are now real luxury bath & shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and body lotions in a lot of bathrooms. And I’ve kept the box which smells amazing every time I pick it up to remind me of the journey so far.
 Signature of Guava & Gold founder
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