Our Story

Close your eyes and imagine the warm caress of a brilliant sun in a clear blue sky, soft sand beneath bare feet and the comforting sound of a turquoise ocean lapping against the shore. Inspired by heady reflections of the tropics and a desire to capture those unforgettable, exotic holiday memories, we have blended the scents of distinctive fruits and flowers such as guava, cherimoya, vanilla orchid and orange and plum blossom - then bottled the whole sensory experience with love to create the Guava and Gold bath & body collection, just for you.

Our vision for the collection is the luxurious feeling of living in the ‘now’ that comes from sitting on a perfect beach and watching the rays of the sun dance and sparkle on a clear blue sea. Our alluring fragrances can awaken your senses, wherever you are.

Guava & Gold is much more to us than just a luxury bath and body range – we want it to truly soothe your body, mind and soul, to make life a little more harmonious.

Our friendship spans many happy years and the occasional shared beach holiday. We would love to share those wonderful times with you through our new and exciting contemporary collection.

May life always be an exciting experience of vivid colour, adventure, laughter and lasting friendship for each and every one of us.

Clare & Jules

Our Collection

We hope you enjoy exploring and luxuriating in the Guava & Gold bath and body collection. Each fragrance has been created with a different theme in mind, designed to invigorate your senses and make you feel good to be alive.

Ideal as a present or simply to get you in the holiday mood, each fragrance range expresses a different theme to capture the unique beauty of holiday heaven.

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