5 minutes with ... Guava & Gold

Guava & Gold founder, Clare, recently caught up with Wolf & Badger, the global online marketplace which champions sustainable and ethical retail practice and is cheerleading 24/7 for small, independent companies.
Wolf & Badger asked Clare all about the story behind Guava & Gold, who the Guava & Gold customer is and the morals she runs the brand by. 


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And it's all there -  the highs and lows of the Guava & Gold journey so far, what she does when she's feeling uninspired and all the positive planning and optimism for the future.

With its unique, uplifting fragrances evoking memories of your favourite tropical, holiday destinations and natural oils and kind-to-skin ingredients which will leave your hair and skin silky smooth and smelling divine, you'll see the Guava & Gold bath and body collection is all about optimism and escapism.
Thank you for a lovely conversation, Wolf & Badger!
Check out the full Guava & Gold collection here and see how it can transform your skincare regime: https://www.guavaandgold.com/