Guava & Gold: First Donation

Right from the start of setting up Guava & Gold, I wanted to be able to use my dream of creating a brand to make a difference for others. So when I read about the amazing work done by Beauty Banks around hygiene poverty @thebeautybanks, it struck a chord with me and, even as a new, small company, I decided that I wanted to do whatever I can from sales right from the start to support their initiative.

Personal hygiene is a big part of our dignity and self-esteem. Too many people living in poverty can’t afford the toiletries they need to look and feel better as they go out to interviews, to work, to send their children to school clean or just on a daily basis to boost their wellbeing. This is something many of us are fortunate enough to be able almost to take for granted and it is inspiring to see how quickly and how successfully Beauty Banks have raised awareness around the issue of hygiene poverty. So one of my happiest moments of the amazing adventure I am on with Guava & Gold was to be able to send off a first donation of shampoos and conditioners to them after the Christmas sales had concluded. I really hope that it will be the first donation of many from the team here.

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Clare x