How often should I wash my hair?

If a perfect hair-washing schedule exists, then please share it with us as we’ve yet to find it! Some people find washing your hair too frequently causes it to become dry but others of us always wash it every day; if they don’t, they think it feels dirty and greasy. We know how hard it is to find the right balance so we’re sharing some of the factors that can affect how often you should wash your hair.
No one size that fits all  
What we mean by this is that there’s no magical routine which works for everyone. Everyone is unique and has different hair types, textures and thickness. Knowing your hair is the first step to establishing a routine that works for you.
Lifestyle can have a huge impact on how often you need to wash your hair. If you’re an avid gym-goer, a keen swimmer or frequently play sports, then you probably find you need to wash your hair more often than those who are less active. Why? Simply put, sweating will clog up your pores which makes your scalp and roots dirtier, faster.
Diet and stress

An unhealthy diet can affect your hair. Are you getting a balanced diet with the nutrients your hair needs for healthy growth like vitamins, minerals, protein and iron? All of these might promote hair growth. And stress and hair loss can be related too. 
Over washing
Shampoo is great at cleaning your hair and removing all excess oil but some of you might find overusing it can be damaging to your hair and strip away important oils which can leave your hair dry and result in dandruff. This is especially important as you get older as your skin will take longer to repair.

Wash hair in shower
Finding the right hair products for you
It’s important that you find a shampoo that looks after your hair. That’s why at Guava and Gold our luxury range of shampoos such as our Coral Beach shampoo are paraben and phthalate free and enriched with avocado and manuka oils. Plus there’s keratin which can make your hair less prone to breakage by covering and strengthening the cuticle and Vitamin E which has natural antioxidant properties which can promote hair growth.  The Coral Beach shampoo is also blended with guava fruit extract which helps to restore natural shine and softness. For super glossy locks, shop the collection here!
So we still think there’s no clear cut rule on how often you should wash your hair but you should think about all of this when working out what routine is best for you.