How to have the best glowing skin in winter

As winter approaches and the days get colder, our skin can start to feel drier, damaged, less moisturised and in need of some TLC. Here, at Guava & Gold, we’ve got some ideas as to how you can protect your skin to leave it feeling nourished, healthy and glowing even as the days get shorter and darker.



Dead cells, combined with the dehydrating effects of central heating and cold weather, can make skin look dry and dull. Keep up a regular exfoliation regime to remove dead skin cells, smooth rough dry skin, increase skin cell turnover and help body moisturisers to penetrate more deeply and so work more effectively.  Don’t overdo it but try exfoliating once a week and you should soon notice a difference in the appearance of your skin.



Choose body washes with kind-to-skin, nurturing ingredients to avoid depriving your skin of its natural oils. Our gold award-winning Paradise Found Bath & Shower Gel is both paraben and phthalate free so it’s gentle and delicate to use on the skin. Enriched with avocado natural oil and iridescent golden sparkles to give you glowing skin even on the coldest days, it soothes and moisturises as it gently cleanses.  



If there’s one thing that’s really crucial for protecting winter skin from cold weather and shouldn’t be overlooked, it’s moisturising regularly:

  • A good body lotion works to lock in moisture, particularly when you apply it to damp skin after a bath or shower.  
  • When they’re used consistently, lotions, creams and oils help to maintain the overall condition of your skin keeping it supple and soft to touch.
  • Ingredients matter so look for lotions with nourishing butters and oils as part of their ingredients such as shea butter. This deeply nourishing, vitamin rich butter contains high levels of fatty acids to replenish the skin. It also provides anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

With all the benefits of skin nourishing ingredients including avocado and grapeseed oils and shea butter, our Coco & Cherimoya Body Lotion will leave you with gently fragranced, silky smooth skin.



Then who doesn’t like a bit of shimmer to go with a favourite outfit in party season? Not only will it highlight your skin but it will also add extra nourishment and moisture.

We use 4 natural oils in our Paradise Found Shimmering Body Oil to maximise its moisturising and anti-ageing skin benefits and get your skin glowing. There’s macadamia oil with its antioxidants, high vitamin E content and perfect balance of fatty acids, which all help to lock in moisture; softening and strengthening sweet almond oil, rich in vitamin B-7; calming, hydrating avocado oil; and all the benefits of coconut oil to keep your skin soft and youthful. These are all blended with Guava & Gold’s signature fragrance and delicately glistening golden sparkles to nourish and brighten your skin.


And on top of that whether you’re heading out to a party or just planning a relaxing, pampering evening, why not try adding a few drops of our Body Oil to a deep, hot bath? It’s the ultimate bath-time treat which will leave you with radiant, glossy skin which smells divine.


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