Self Care, We Care. Pampering At Home

Right now, we all need some TLC. What are you doing to relax and unwind whilst you stay at home? How do you get to indulge in some pampering self-care?
Or treat someone you love with a go-to, me-time luxury bath product?
Let us help you out with an opulent, sensory experience.
With our unique, uplifting fragrances, you can re-live your best holiday memories all in the comfort of your home. And give your hair, skin and mind the treat they deserve.
Blending exquisite macadamia, sweet almond, coconut and avocado oils with delicately glistening golden sparkles, our Paradise Found Shimmering Body Oil can make the ultimate bath-time treat. Try adding it to a deep, hot bath, turn down the lights, light a candle, breathe deeply and relax. With the added benefit you’ll emerge with glowing, nourished skin which smells divine.
Or drift off to sleep with soft, silky skin soothed by the anti-ageing, anti-oxidant benefits of shea butter combined with collagen-boosting avocado oil, moisturising grapeseed oil and vitamin E in our award-winning Coco & Cherimoya Body Lotion.
A little bit of this rich, hydrating lotion goes a long way.
So take a break in your day, make time for yourself and rejuvenate your hair and skin. Not only will you look good but you will feel good too.