What's your travel inspiration?

Has lockdown got you thinking about where to go first when we can travel again?

With the possibility of travel to sunny locations starting to open up on the horizon, we’re seeing more and more about all the excitement which goes with packing a suitcase, getting on a train or plane and heading off to revisit an already-loved holiday destination or to experience a new country, a new culture, a different language, and maybe new friends or new loves. Have you got itchy feet? Where will you go first? A chic, urban getaway? Or an exotic golden beach on a palm-fringed island?

Here, at Guava & Gold, we love the hustle, bustle and interconnectedness of the world’s most animated cities where time never seems to stand still, and life is 24/7. But what really inspires us and our luxury bath and body collection is the colour, vibrancy and fun of your favourite tropical holiday locations. The charisma, sparkle and sheer joy of exclusive, fine phthalate-free fragrances which reflect your headiest holiday memories are at the heart of Guava & Gold. And celebrating the beauty and benefits of the natural world around us has been the guiding philosophy of both our luxury bath and body range and of our creative process.

Restore hair strength

Are you looking for a nourishing, natural product to stimulate hair growth, reduce breakage, relieve dryness and encourage hair growth? One of the best natural products to use on your hair is coconut oil, with its natural antibacterial properties, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which can improve scalp health and restore the brilliance of lacklustre hair. Our Coco & Cherimoya conditioner combines coconut oil with the nourishing benefits of shea butter and hydrating effects of both natural manuka oil and avocado oil.  Use it after washing with our bestselling Coco & Cherimoya Shampoo for glossy, supple, and healthy hair.

Get a glow on

We’ve blended four oils in our Paradise Found Shimmering Body Oil to maximise moisturising and anti-ageing skin benefits. There’s macadamia oil with its antioxidants, high vitamin E content and perfect balance of fatty acids, which all help to lock in moisture; softening and strengthening sweet almond oil, rich in vitamin B-7; calming, hydrating avocado oil; and all the benefits of coconut oil to keep your skin soft and youthful. These are all blended with Guava & Gold’s signature fragrance and delicately glistening golden sparkles to nourish and brighten your skin, leaving it silky smooth and smelling divine. If you’re looking to switch up your skincare regime in anticipation of jetting off as soon as we can travel, why not try changing things up with our Body Oil?

Cocktail anyone?

If fruity cocktails are your thing, then Guava & Gold’s Coral Beach is inspired by the luscious cocktails you can only get by the beach served in hollowed-out fruits with native flowers. The fragrance combines the sweet and musky aroma of guava with the fruity zest of mango and uplifting pineapple, all complemented by heady ylang-ylang and finishing notes of peaches and cream. Get your holiday hit anytime and anywhere with our Coral Beach conditioner enriched with coconut, avocado and manuka oils and pineapple and mango to create a fruity formula rich in moisture so you can restore your hair’s natural shine to reflect your inner glow.

What will be your inspiration when we can travel again?